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Questions To Ask

The following points should be clearly explained to you before you take out a policy, but if they are not, make sure you ask about them and are satisfied that the policy meets your needs.

The Policy Excess

This is the amount that YOU pay towards treatment for each condition covered. Anything over and above the policy excess is covered by the pet insurance company, subject to maximum limits. Most companies will give you the opportunity to choose a higher excess amount, in exchange for a lower premium, but be careful not to set your excess too high, or there isn't much point in having insurance!

Third Party Liability Cover

This covers you for damage your pet may cause to someone else, or their property, and for which you are liable. Some pet insurance policies will include third party liability cover as standard, whilst others will make it an optional extra.

Age of Your Pet

Check to see if your insurance premiums or excess will automatically increase as your pet ages. Most companies will do this, and it's certainly not unreasonable of them, as obviously it costs more to cover an older pet. Just make sure the increases are sensible.

Coverage Away from Home

Does your policy provide cover when your pet is not residing at their usual home? It's probably not unreasonable to expect to pay extra for coverage if you take your pet on vacation, but what about if your pet was being looked after at a friends house while you were away for a few days?

Cancellation Charges

Does your policy have any cancellation charges? The rules may be different depending on the circumstances. It's highly unlikely that any company would charge you for cancelling a policy following the death of a pet, but if you simply cancel to switch providers there might be a charge. Also check if any unused premiums that have been paid in advance will be returned.