Petplan Quote

Petplan Quote

Petplan are one of the biggest pet insurance companies in the world and one of the most highly rated according to independent pet owner reviews. They are the pet insurance provider of choice for many of the leading rescues, shelters and humane societies.

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10% Petplan Discount has teamed up with Petplan so that customers in the USA and Canada can get a free pet insurance quote with a 10% discount - just click the link below and you will see that the discount is automatically applied during the checkout process, using the Petplan promo code PETINSURANCE10.

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Please note: The 10% discount consists of the standard 5% discount for online quotes, plus a further 5% provided by the use of our own Petplan discount code PETINSURANCE10 - you will see this code displayed in the Petplan "Partner Offers" box, so you don't have to manually type it in.

Affiliate Disclosure

We have an affiliate agreement with Petplan and will earn a commission if you choose to purchase a pet insurance policy from them, after following the above link to their website.

Please rest assured that our commission does not increase the price you are quoted in any way - in fact the opposite is true, as a Petplan pet insurance quote using our link will be cheaper for you than going directly to the Petplan website. is strictly independent and impartial - we do NOT operate like most websites in this sector, who write glowing, uncritical reviews of every pet insurance company they can find, simply so they can place an affiliate link to them and earn as much money as possible. Why would anyone trust a review that has been written for this reason?

That is why this page does not contain a lengthy promotional advertisement for Petplan - and the same reason why no other pet insurance companies are promoted in any other part of the site - our job is just to present you with the contact information, not to sell you stuff.

The purpose of this page is merely to provide a service for those people who have already researched different pet insurance companies and decided that Petplan is a company they are interested in purchasing from. If you have made that decision, this page will give you a 10% discount on your Petplan insurance quote.

And of course, it does help us pay the bills!

Hopefully, this explains exactly how the above link works, as there should always be complete and honest disclosure when any website presents you with a link that they may earn money from.